Wednesday, August 27, 2008

rate me!

Hey all my blogger buddies....what do you think?? please rate my B&b ex libris blog!

B&b ex libris at Blogged


Anonymous said...

I'll rate you, but then come rate me...:) I'm at a lousy 6.something according to my other blogs are 7 or better. I mean, what gives? :( with a little ;) thrown in for good measure.

bethany said...

justareadingfool- I just rated you, wow seriously someone is very wrong about your blog! :(

I hope my review helps bump the review up! :)

ps thanks for being sure to include your ;) they are super important!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Done, but is it showing up?

Jena said...

shouldn't the rating/reviewing be anonymous?

bethany said...

j.kaye- yes I think it will show up at some point! thanks for your vote!

jena- I think it is, it doesn't tell me what people rate me. It only sends me the comments people leave.

Anonymous said...

In order for me to vote, I had to open an account. It's not anonymous. I could see who voted.

bethany said...

j.kaye- that is strange, because I am not able to see who rated me what! I went back and looked when you posted that last comment, but I couldn't see.

I am a little frustrated with the whole thing now because I realize (now) that even if people rate me that is not the rating that counts. They have some "professional" rate the blog. I am not a professional blogger so I think that will not come out too well :)

whatever. I thought it was cooler than it really is.

Thanks to all of you though!!!