Friday, August 8, 2008

The Septembers of Shiraz
Title: The Septembers of Shiraz
Author: Dalia Sofer
Pages: 338
Yearly Count: 47

I have already told you that I am Iran obsessed, right? Not just Iran, but also Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka...well, maybe just internationally obsessed. But this is the 4 book I have read from/ about Iran this year! I can't get enough, just can't. Okay on to the book!

After the Iranian revolution, the jewel dealer Isaac Amin is taken, arrested and does not know why other than that he is a Jew, with a family connection to Israel. Even though it would seems so, this is not a book of simply a prisoner wrongly accused. Isaac narrates some chapters and the others are narrated by the other members of his family, his wife, his young daughter and his son who is trying to make it in America. I felt that the interweaving of the different voices really made the novel. It broke up the prison scenes and showed life at the same time.

This was a great one. I loved reading it, and I loved thinking about the life of the people who lived in it. The writing is excellent, and I enjoyed the style as well. I have read that other bloggers thought the book emotionless, as if all the book were told in the same tone. I do not agree, I actually relied on the steady words of the narrators, on the calm tone of the pages. I felt that it was a voice of hope, that life will go on, things will change and suffering will be had, and yet there is a steady part in it all, a resiliency. I loved the voice of this novel.
I highly recommend The Septembers of Shiraz, uber-powerful book of resiliency in the midst of insanity. I wouldn't be surprised it something big happens with this one (ie a prize, a movie know something cool). enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites for the year.

Have you read The Blood of Flowers?

Or The Bastard of Istanbul?

Or The Reluctant Fundamentalist?

The Saffron Kitchen?

Persian Girls?

Evidently, I'm a bit obsessed with books set in the Middle East, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your kick because it gets me out of the American memoirs I've been reading lately. :)

I own The Blood of Flowers, but I haven't read that yet. The only other book that I have that relates is The Kite Runner. Absolutely brilliant novel, but you may have already read it.

Laura said...

I really enjoyed this book, too! Here's my review:

Ramya said...

hey bethany!! i am definitely going to read this one.. :) but i am currently reading a book from Iran(?) and it is totally amazing.. it is called "The Blood of Flowers" by Anita Amirrezvani.. i'm just on page 71 now.. but i know its going to an amazing book. you must read it if you can get your hands on it.. and i'll try to read september of shiraz as well!:)

Ramya said...

oops... just read the other comments and looks like literatehoursewife already mentioned the book!!:)

Dar said...

I really enjoyed this book also-glad you did too Bethany. You can see my review here:

beastmomma said...

I just added this book to my growing TBR list.

bethany said...

softdrink- wow!
you are obsessed too!

literatehousewife- yeah, I think this is my rut...but for now I like it. When I overdo it I will just stop, and switch to something else.

I have heard of The Blood Flowers, but do not own it, and I LOVED the Kite Runner!

laura- thanks for the review link!

ramya- that does sound like a great book! I will have to check it out for sure.

It is always fun to get several recommendations for a book, that way you know it is really good :)

dar- yes,isn't it great!? I loved it. Thanks for the link!

beastmomma- yes, it is for sure a TBR worthy book :)

Madeleine said...

I was given THE SEPTEMBER OF SHIRAZ by a friend. haven't read it yet.
She loved it

Jessica said...

I loved this book too. My review is here:

I completely agree with you on the tone of the story. I didn't find it emotionless at all. To me it felt more like the words had a quiet, steady power.

I'm on kind of a middle east kick now too. This one, Three Cups of Tea and I just ordered The Girls of Riyadh and The Kite Runner.

Trish said...

This book here is why I joined your Armchair Travel discussion group on Book Blogs!! I've read so many interesting reviews of it that it immediately went on the list. I look forward to traveling around with you guys!!

Corinne said...

This looks great Bethany! I'll definitely give it a try :) I enjoy books about this part of the world also :)