Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get Positively Beautiful
Photos by Peter Buckingham

Get Positively Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous
by Carmindy Makeup Artist of TLC's What Not to Wear
227 pages
Beauty/ Cosmetics

A new approach to what all of us women have to work with every day, Carmindy's book is designed to focus on a persons strengths by enhancing them. Get Positively Beautiful is meant to be a makeup book with the bonus of a good mindset. The goal of this distinct makeup book is for each individual to discover her greatest assets, strongest features and to focus on her unique and natural beauty. Everyone is different so comparisons in this book are out! Carmindy gives step-by-step guidance on how to discover what you already have going for you. There is another section in the book with before and after photos of regular women, who when the importance is placed on their strengths and not covering up everything in tons of makeup, they end up looking natural and stunning in that confidence of possessed beauty.

I adore Carmindy, I used to have cable and watch her on TLC, she was my favourite part of the show as she is incredibly positive and reassuring to the women. She sheds a new light on makeup, and that is how to focus on what makes you beautiful already, which seriously is not common among all those famous rockstars in So Cal. She is a gem of a gal, who makes women realize their potential and see themselves as truly beautiful in their own unique way.

As much as I am not a true cosmetic enthusiast, his book works really well for me, even the list in the back of good producs (with a scale of price as well) to purchase that are recommended. I pretty much do the same thing every day, but after reading this book I am excited to try out some of the spiffy ideas she uses. There is just something amazing about Carmindy, and this book really does let that shine through, I see something different in her which comes through just as strongly in Get Positively Beautiful as it does on TV. And there are tons of amazing tips to use too!!

Personal cosmetic routine: my make up routine takes me a max of 2 minutes. I do a tad bit of dark brown eyeliner, mascara, under eye lightening and a little pink blush. After two kids, I have gotten down to the basics of cosmetics, I don't do all the foundations and stuff because they make me feel made up and strange. My sister-in-law was convinced that this was due to me using cheap makeup, so she powdered and buffed my face with her spendy stuff. Not any different, well it looked better, but still it was to much for me.

What is your routine? What are your must haves when it comes to makeup?

Carmindy:Less is more in Spring/Summer makeup. Watch this video:


claire said...

i love carmindy, too. also, we almost have the same makeup routine. except i don't do blush 'cause i easily get pink and would look like a clown with blush on. my routine also takes about 2 minutes. eyebrow powder, under eye highlight/lightening powder, eyeliner. that's it. i don't do foundation either, even the lightest kinds feel too heavy for me. it is certainly different having kids.

raych said...

I feel like if I start using foundation, I'll get used to my skin tone looking all even and flawless, and then when I see myself without make-up I'll be all HRACK!

I also love Carmindy. I would love for her to come do my make-up, even if she refused to put on a damned bra first. Seriously, that girl's...uh, girls are always roaming free. But I love her anyways. I will seek out this book.

Trish said...

If I don't have to wear makeup I don't. I didn't wear a stitch on our Hawaii trip, so all those pictures are Trish au natural. :) I do my make up in the car on the way to work. Eye shadow, maybe blush, and definitely mascara (my eyelashes are too light not to wear it). I probably could/should use foundation, but like you I feel icky and overly done. And I've never been able to find the right color. And I'm too cheap to spend the money. :P Never heard of Carmindy, but I'm curious now!!

bethany said...

claire-yay,yes she is great. I am bummed I haven't been able to see her forever (almost a year) since we ditched cable. Good comes of it though :)

raych-I know what you mean!

Yes, she is great. Haha, I have never paid attention to that :)hahah!

Trish-That is me too for sure. I wear it if I go out though, well to places were I care, like church or something...mostly because if I don't people see the darkness under my eyes and ask me constantly if I am tired. I hate that!!! so I wear some makeup, it makes me happier to not hear that for sure.

Oh, and in your pictures you are perfect just as is, you don't need makeup! Yeah, I love Carmindy because she is more natural than most, she does recommend foundation though (aakk!).

bermudaonion said...

I think this is a great book, too! I love Carmindy's attitude and found it infectious.