Friday, March 27, 2009

Challenge Mania! Any suggestions?

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This is a cool one at Parole (words)the Polyglot Agatha Reading Challenge it involves becoming more proficient in a second, third or even fourth language while reading Agatha Christie! Yep, you read that meander on over and check out this challenge. I think I'll shoot for EspaƱol and Italiano and see where that leads. I still don't know what I will read since I have never picked up Agatha in my life. I'd happily take your best suggestions!! (pretty please)

Challenge runs from April 1st to December 31st.

Yeah, so from May though September you can read five non-fiction books. I can do that! (at least try right!?) I don't know what I will read yet. I do have some good self-helpers (ie. How to Mess up Your Child's Life) Do you have any amazing suggestions for this one? Make sure you let me in on that! This one is hosted by one of my all time (top five) favourite bloggie people: Trish, from Trish's Reading Nook. She is a blast, make sure you head over (even if you don't want to join the challenge)

I am up for the option three FEAST of this challenge! Yes, this challenge last year is what broke me of my fear of classics. Well it wasn't really that I was scared of them, but just that they seemed all incredibly boring and too jam-packed with meaningless descriptions. I now know better. It goes April-October. What are you waiting for?! This one is also hosted by Trish, but it has its own blog The Classics Challenge.


And in case you didn't remember, I have tons of challenges that I am hosting too! Make sure you head over. You can stretch yourself to think more globally, have more of an international mindset. Whatcha think? The Orbis Terrarum challenge is one, but four at the same time, the main challenge, the film challenge, the bilingual challenge, and the poetry challenge. It has its own blog: Orbis Terrarum


Nicole said...

For Agatha, Ten Little Indians always creeped me out. So scary as a child/teen. I may have to reread that just to see if it is as creepy as I thought it was.

I plan on signing up for Orbis. Just haven't gotten around to my list and post. Coming soon.

Jeane said...

I've made up my list for the Non-Fiction Five. But it's my third challenge of the year, (first time around!) so I won't be doing those others, yet.

Ramya said...

hey! I am doing the OT (of course!) and the classics feast this year.. and in addition to that, i am currently doing the jewish literary challenge.. I want to stop with that but i am eyeing the non fiction one as well! what am i going to do!

Trish said...

You are too sweet, Bethany!

I second what Nicole says about Ten Little Indians. I haven't read it yet, but I think I might for the read-a-thon. I've heard it is really good.

What about memoirs for the non-fiction five--do you like those? How you felt about classics last year is how I felt about non-fiction the first time I signed up for the challenge. Love the genre now!!

And your buttons, Bethany! I love them!

Alyce said...

Next year I am going to have to schedule some extra time for international books so that I can participate in Orbis Terrarum. It sounds like so much fun!

The non-fiction challenge sounds like fun too. I think I may join that one since I usually read at least one non-fiction per month.

Good luck with the Agatha Christie challenge - I'm sure you'll do awesome! I've only attempted to read two books in a foreign language and didn't finish either of them. Are you fluent in Italian?

Anonymous said...

for nonfiction - The Undertaking by Thomas Lynch was really good.

I wish I could recommend some Agatha to you but I also haven't read any. Ever. I probably should :(

Fyrefly said...

I don't know what kind of non-fiction you normally like, but I've recently been very into "microhistories" - like either of Victoria Finlay's books. Any of Mary Roach's books would be a good, fun read. Prisoner of Trebekistan and Schuyler's Monster are two books that I really enjoyed, and are a little off the beaten path if you like memoirs.

Emergency Sex completely blew me away - I normally don't enjoy politics/global affairs/current events-type reads that much, but it was still really fantastic. Similarly, I don't know hardly anything about art history, but really enjoyed The Lost Painting by Jonathan Harr. Into the Wild is short but very, very interesting.

...I'm sure I could come up with more (haven't even *started* on the biology books), but I'll cut myself off there. :)

Scribacchina said...

Thank you for posting about my challenge! As for suggestions, I don't know, I've yet to read many Agatha books. But for non fiction, one author I would always suggest is Bill Bryson, either his travel books or A Short History of Nearly Everything (you need to have some interest in science, but it's just pure genius). Last year a children version was published (A Really Short History of Nearly Everything), and I just can't wait to put my hands on it...

S. Krishna said...

I'm signed up for these three as well! I'm going to keep a close eye on your comments because I need help with the Orbis Terrarum challenge.

gautami tripathy said...

For NFF, you can go for memoirs. Those work well for me.

Here are my choices for NFF!