Friday, February 13, 2009

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Title: Visiting Langston
Author: Willie Perdomo
Illustrator: Bryan Collier
Genre: Children's, African American
Awards: Coretta Scott King Award

These days it seems that quality in the writing is good, but many times it is not ready for kids. This book is an example, it is filled with poetry like writing, but yet because of that it hardly says what is most important for kids to learn- it just describes this girls visit to Langston Huges house with her father. The only information given about Langston is that he lived in this house, and enjoyed writing poetry. Seriously, that could be any number of people. I found the content of this book dumbed down for kids, but not challenging them in any way- and I have little kids! There is nothing about this book that will make me even want to read it again, nothing happens and nothing is explained.

However, because this is a kids book it has to be also reviewed based on the images worked onto the pages. As far as illustrations go, amazing. Collier uses different fabrics and mixed media to convey texture and life in this children's book. The illustrations are true art, very beautiful and classy-yet modern in appeal. They are worth looking at.

The words, skip them.

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