Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sundays at Tiffany's

Title: Sundays at Tiffany's
Author: James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet
Genre: fiction
Type: Audio Book
Yearly Count: 8
Pages: 320

An imaginary friend, a protector who watches out for your when you are little- could he be your only true love? I didn't pay much attention to the writing in this book, or if it was realistic, seriously does that first sentence sound realistic!? No. So it is more like super-hero imaginary friend tale, a story of a girl who lives her life pretty parallel (ie neglected) to all those around her, not by her choice by theirs. The only person who has stayed in her memory as loving and true. Jane's mother is famous, or at least too famous for her daughter and has had men in and out, four husbands- all men who didn't end up being good enough for her. Jane feels she will never measure up either, never dressed right, always eating too much, saying the wrong things and below par.

She catches a glimpse of her childhood imaginary friend and the story moves right on from there. I was so entranced by the story that I didn't worry if it seemed realistic, or if there were major flaws, I enjoyed it and while I was reading (and listening to it on audio book) I only cared about what happened, how Jane would end up and if she would love and be loved. There are twists that I wasn't expecting, but they made the story even more interesting. I didn't read this novel for its literary prose, or the picturesque portrayals- I read it to entertain me, and that it did.

I was actually really surprised at the completely mixed reviews this has gotten on Amazon. I tend to be right in the middle of where everyone else is rating the book, this time we are all over the map! I was caught up in it- entertained. I enjoyed reading this from cover to cover, it was different, lovely and mysterious and far-fetched, still wholly pure delight. Seriously this guy/angel/imaginary friend knows everything about Jane and loves her still. That is so precious, so unconditional and just what we all need. He loves to see her eat, to see her enjoy life, to see her happy- who of us wouldn't want that!?

Audiobook version:

I read (listened to) the audio version of this for most of the book. This was an audiobook done well, I loved the reader's voice (actress Ellen Archer) and I thought she did an exceptional reading. I can't imagine a better voice to read this book, it was sweet. Yay for Hachette Audio!

Are there books where you didn't worry about the style, the prose, the descriptions? For me it happens when I don't mean for it too, I just get caught up and forget to be critical. That could be a good thing right? I know that I am a book reviewer, but more importantly I am a book reader and a book lover. Do you always notice flaws? Which books have you gotten caught up in so much so that you didn't think to criticize?

I have 5 copies of the paperback Sundays at Tiffany's to giveaway (thanks to Hachette Book Group) as well as 3 copies of the audiobook version by Hachette Audio. It is almost Valentine's Day, this is the perfect time to read this amazingly sweet and improbably romance.

Comment on this post and let me know if you would rather win the paperback version or the audio version, if you don't care tell me that too. No PO boxes, US and Canada residents only, and peeps I am so sorry about that. You have through the 18th to comment with an answer to this question: What was your best date ever? Explain why. (If you don't have the perfect date to describe- make up the perfect date! :)

ps. I don't notify winners via email, so if you want to know if you have won make sure to check back that day, or better yet- add me to your reader and you won't miss any giveaways!


beastmomma said...

You are so generous. I would love to be entered to win the audio version of the book.

Annie said...

I didn't date that much, but I have a funny date story!

I was taken out to dinner with quite the beautiful man I must say. We were eating salmon and had some lovely wine; he noticed that my glass was almost empty. He reached over to get the wine bottle and accidentally tipped my glass of water over. The water went right into my lap! lol

He thought I would be angry, but really, all I could do was laugh!

Thanks, I would choose the audio book!

beastmomma said...

I realized that I forgot to answer the question. I wrote an entry about my favorite first date which actually happened to be with my partner to-be:

Mrs. B. said...

I'm really looking forward to reading this one. It's been on my radar for awhile. Sounds like a good one.

Trish said...

I just listened to this one as well--it is actually the first book I've listened to all the way through. I enjoyed it but I'm not sure if it would have been quite my cup of tea if I had read it. But...enjoyable. And the food!! :) I was drooling for most of the time!