Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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by Stephenie Meyer
544 pages
Fiction, YA, Fantasy

If you haven't decided to dive into this YA vampire series yet, then I don't think that I could possibly write a review that would wet your lips. I have read the reivews of how intreguing, interesting and entertaining these books are and yes, I decided to read it too. I'm not going to do my regular review, I decided to do a list of likes and dislikes instead.

What I liked:
*It was a good entertaining read
*I was mystified by the vampire plot
*The storyline was interesting.
*I liked that Edward didn't give in to Bella's nagging to make her a vampire. It would have ruined the story for me. I am not saying that it wouldn't eventually make sense, but in this first book it just didn't feel right. Yay Eddie!
*I liked how he saved her all the time, heroes...I can't get over searching for heroes.

What I didn't like:
*Bella was too much for me, and was really whinny.
*The concept that Bella was completely lying to everyone that she loved before Edward, I think that is a BAD idea to get into kids' heads. The mentality that parents don't have a clue what they are going through, and wouldn't understand if they did. I resent that mentality among today's youth and did even when I was a youth.

End Spoilers

I think I may be almost the last bookie to resist this series, but now I am in. I was explaining why it was interesting to my husband when he asked me. I said, " Well, it is entertaining, interesting, an alternate reality and I think that is attractive. Still I feel as though Meyer wrote it with the intention of having it end up in the theaters and that bothers me a little. The Writing is okay, but I think a little too descriptive using the same words over and over. So it is good, but not great...more like a film than a book in my opinion". Still it is entertaining and I want to read the rest of them, well at least I want to read the next one. I think it is fine to read some books because of their entertainment value, and really....Edward and vampires are very interesting to me!

Twilight questions for you!!
Are you still holding out on this saga? why? If you have read the books, which is your favourite? This one felt a little too informative (as in setting up the plot with how all the vampires came to be and such) do the next ones move more quickly? Did you like Bella or were you annoyed by her like me? On a scale of 1-10 how dreamy do you find Edward (if you imagine yourself back in highschool)? For me, huh...I would guess if I were in highschool he'd be a 9.


Janssen said...

I am a total Twilight Fan (although I know the writing isn't great and I think the fourth book is pretty lame).

Eclipse is my favorite (I LOVE Jacob), but I do find Bella QUITE annoying; she is a major whiner.

Karen said...

I was not a fan of this book at all - I read it quickly and even though I thought the writing was pretty ordinary I could enjoy the entertainment factor. My main problem with the book was the relationship between Bella and Edward - and I don't mean about him being a vampire!! I just thought the book sent some really inappropriate messages about relationship roles - particularly the way in which Bella is seen as a "temptress" for Edward and that it is really all her fault if he ends up not being able to contain himself and bites her!

bethany said...

janssen- glad you enjoyed the saga,I think I will read the next one. I think I want to check it out from the library though and not invest in it for now.

Thanks for the tip on Eclipse!

Karen- I can understand that completely. Yes, their relationship is questionable for sure. Yes, she was the temptress and clueless as well...that was annoying.

Madeleine said...

You are not the last to resit...:D I am still wondering if those books are worth reading and you sort of convinced me that yes it's a fun read, so i guess I will...eventually !

Alyce said...

I haven't read any of the series yet either. I'll probably give the first book a try sometime this summer when I need an easy read.

farmlanebooks said...

I'm one of the few people that hasn't read this one yet. It doesn't appeal to me at all, but I did give in to all the hype last week. I can only bear not knowing about something for so long - my boxed set of the Twilight series is in the post!

Ali said...

I read the first book and liked it okay, but had no desire to see the series through. Disclaimer: I don't read paranormal hardly at all. I also don't read romance. That said, it read like a high school crush book--which is fine for a cute high school crush book, not so fine for a "make-me-a-vampire-because-I-can't-live-without-you" multi-book series. The whole thing was just mega-icky to me, but as I said, I'm not a paranormal/romance fan to begin with, so, not surprising.

Oh: and as for Edward? Call me shallow, but I couldn't get past all the descriptions of his cold, pale, and sparkly skin. On a scale from 1-10, he was a 2 for me. I would've totally gone for the Native American dude.

Ronda's Rants said...

I haven't read it and won't. It simply doesn't interest me. My daughter had to read the first one for a book club though and finished the entire series in a week...she liked the series and thought it great for juvenile reading however like you felt that Bella was annoying!
I am 50 years old and this just doesn't interest me...but I might be the only woman on the planet who hasn't read this book!

claire said...

I haven't read this and have no intention to either. I'm not afraid to jump in the bandwagon. I did with Harry Potter. The reason why I'm not doing it with Twilight is that it really doesn't appeal to me one bit. I don't like teen romances, and didn't like them even when I was a teen. I just don't feel any desire or an inkling to want to read them.

Lori L said...

I'm a hold out and have no plans to read the Twilight series. I'm just not that into romance novels or teen angst.

Anonymous said...

I have read some of the latest books on vampires and werewolfs, and I found them way too complicated than Twilight. Twilight was a breeze.

I think her books are perfect escapist books, she has the ability to pull the person into the story. I didn't liek Bella too, you'll hate her more in New Moon, but Eclipse is really good. I haven't read Breaking dawn yet but I plan to. I want to know how it ends :)

jessi said...

I love the books, but I don't think they're very well-written. Stephenie Meyer definitely knows how to create an interesting story, though! My favorite book is Midnight Sun, Twilight from Edward's point of view. I know it's not even published (or finished), but you can really see how Meyer grew as a writer by comparing it to her others. I also liked Breaking Dawn, but just the first and third section. I reread it recently, and I skipped the whole middle part (even though I've heard some people say that's the best part, I just can't stand the character who narrated it).

Edward as a character is a bit creepy. I mean, watching a 17-year-old girl sleep? And what's with all the smoldering? And chuckling? If he weren't so hot and sparkly, we'd probably think of him as a child molester. That's probably why I preferred the story from his pov, even though I did have to slog through countless descriptions of Bella and her amazingly wonderful eyes. :)

raych said...

I just finished the last book.

*runs full-speed into a brick wall*

I know, it's like I'm smacking myself in the face and then being all, But I couldn't not.

S. Krishna said...

I enjoyed this book, but I do agree that Bella is a whiner. I also don't like how controlling Edward is, it becomes really bad in Eclipse.

Laura said...

Now it's official--I am THE only person who hasn't read this book! Why?-no real reason, actually. I don't have anything against reading them at all. I just haven't. If there is a read-a-thon this year, I think I will most likely give Twilight a try!

Stephanie said...

I just finished the last book of the series, and had I gone to school with Edward, I wouldn't have gone for Edward at all. TOTALLY not my type, but I enjoyed the books, for the most part. :)

Eclipse is also my favorite. :)

Trish said...

I plowed through the first one but haven't really thought about moving on since then. Maybe I'll try to track down the next for the read-a-thon. I think Edward would be at least a 9 for me. :) I had a HUGE crush on him!

joanna said...

I finished this just a few days ago and thought I was the last one! :-) Guess that's what hype does to us. I liked it and will read the next ones, but I like Edward way more than I like Bella - she can be annoying. Like you, I hope that it was necessary for this book to be slower in order to set the stage and all that and that the next ones are better!