Thursday, April 9, 2009

B&b: Contact and Book Review Policy

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B&b ex libris book review policy:

I love reading and reviewing books, but I want to be sure that any authors, publishers or publicists contacting me know where I stand up front:

Book genres that I am interested in reading and reviewing are craft books (quilting, crafting in general, sewing, knitting, kid crafting, crafting for kids), fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, international fiction, memoirs, self-help, young adult fiction, woman's fiction, fantasy, children's books, educational materials/books. The books that I love to review the most are: natural lifestyle books, craft books of all kinds, and anything about a place that I can dream of far, far away. I love audio books as well. I am not interested in science fiction, horror, or any types of futuristic books. I am not accepting e-books at this time.

No matter what genre, I do not review books that contain explicit sex scenes, graphic and/or ongoing child abuse (physical, mental or sexual), or are just overly gruesome and dark. I don't feel the need to submerge myself in that while I read about it, and if your book contains any of the above I reserve the right to not finish it.

If I accept your ARC or RC that is not a guarantee that I will write a review. Any book that I receive I will give it a fair shot for 70 pages. If after 70 pages I cannot get into the plot at all or if the characters are not speaking to me, I will try my best to pass it on to another interested blogger for review on their blog, however this is not always possible. That said, I have only not finished two books out of over 200 I have read and reviewed so far on my blog, because it is usually not hard for me at all to fall in love with a book.

My reviews include the cover of the book, a picture of the author, and if I can find a youtube book trailer or author presentation I will include that as well. I try to find the author's website and place a link on the review, and sometimes links to other review so of the book as well. My reviews are honest and straightforward. If I didn't like the book I will certainly say so, while constantly remembering to be gentle and kind in my dislike. I will mention the reservations I have about it. I feel it only fair that my readers believe that my reviews are my actually opinions and not something that I am guilted into. So, honesty is most important on my blog, and I will stick to it.

I will try to review the books in a timely manner, but I am not always able to do it as soon as the sender would like. For ARC's with a release date, in most cases I will try to publish the review on the release date, or very close to it. For reader copy (already released) books I will review them in a matter of 2-6 months. If this is an issue for you you can send me an email and sometimes I make exceptions. Blog tours are an exception, if I accept to be on a blog tour I will post a review on the proposed date.

I receive no financial benefits from writing this blog, I do not receive money from publishers, publicists or authors. I have chosen to have it be ad free (except for Powell's links because I am a indie bookstore believer) because I don't want to feel that anyone is entitled to a positive review in order for me to make a buck.

If you are interested in my stats and would like to know my numbers, please contact me.

Thank you so much for your interest in B&b ex libris book policies, have a great day!!
In order to send me a book, email me with some basic information and I will get right back with you.