Monday, June 30, 2008

The Wishing Year: An Experiment in Desire

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Title: The Wishing Year: An Experiment in Desire
Author: Noelle Oxenhandler
Pages: 286
Yearly Count: 35

What are wishes for, are they to rule our lives or to make us aimlessly scurry after every shooting star and blown out birthday candle. While wishing, could we miss the gifts that are placed in our laps, since they are not what we had known to wish for? The Wishing Year: An Experiment in Desire is a book of wishes and the journey they take Noelle on from the day they are born. While the writing of this book was strong, and many times captivating I found that there were long segments of this philosophy or that mentality of wishing which were the definite low points. The reading would slow down at these times and drag.

I believe that this book was not best suited for me however, as it is more of a self help book in staying the course, keeping on, and calling out dreams from the deep. Because I am not at this point in my life at all, there was not much I could cling to. However I do believe that if you are in a challenging place in life of uncertainty, or you have a hard time wishing for good things to come to you, but want to know more about it: this is the book for you. The Wishing Year is a book of hope, of desires that are met, of dreams that are reached, and therefore carries a powerful message.

If your life is in a dreamless state, or hope has long gone and you need a true story of hope and wishes come true to bring you to a place of realisation that there are good things to come, read The Wishing Year: An Experiment in Desire.

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